Marcela Bovio – Powerless (official video)

Here’s my new videoclip of my song “Powerless”! If you can, please watch full screen in HD 🙂

Full disclosure: I love how the videoclip came out, the images shot by my friend and video director Arno are truly beautiful! Erik was mastering his parts on the piano every time as well 🙂 But oh my goodness, I hate the ugly faces I make sometimes! Apparently is inherent to being Latin American to have a very expressive face… Erik, bless him, says I shouldn’t bother much, that at least it’s clear I mean what I’m saying, hehe.
And well I guess he’s right. For a few different reasons these past couple of weeks have been a bit tough; I’ve been somehow forced to reflect on the little time we all have on this planet, and how important it is to try and make the most out of it. Which is also what this song is about.