tye the whole story
Chapter 8



a song for Xavier

Tossing, turning…
sleep keeps evading me.
Thoughts come, thoughts go
like bursts of electricity.
Listen to this heart,
pounding heavily.

Wax and feathers,
and a vision of liberty.
Oh, how dare we
reach the boundaries of divinity!
They know what we’ve done,
they’ll come after us;
for flying like the gods,
aiming for the sun.

But we won’t listen,
we’ll never listen to the warning.
Cuz there’s a star in the horizon
waiting to be found
and conquered.

Can you feel it?
The power of its raging flames:
taunting, tempting us
to reach where no man has been.
How could we resist
its warm and tender kiss?
Like two birds we fly,
we own the sun and sky.

We didn’t listen to the warning.
Now in the bottom of the ocean
there’s an angel
with broken wings.

In the bottom of the ocean
lies an angel.