tye the whole story
Chapter 3



a song for Unnilnonium

Scientist, come sit with me
Put down your books
While I pour you a drink
Like minds
Have gathered here
As the green fairy
Is getting ready to sing

We’ll look out the window
And gaze at the stars
We’ll go through the questions
That no one dares to ask
We’ll untangle dreams
And go through the facts
We’ll sketch a world
Worth giving a damn

Scientist, will we ever solve
All the riddles
Of this beautiful world?
Is there a pair of eyes
Watching from above
Or are we the children
Of a cosmic burst?

We don’t have the answers
We might never know
Who’s spinning the Earth
And igniting the Sun
What brought us here
Where do we belong?
I’m drowning in the night sky
I’m feeling so small
Help me make sense
Of this terrible mess
Why must we endure
So much pain and distress?
Do we need to endlessly
Stumble through the night
To learn how
To appreciate the light?