Dear friends,

As you may or may not have seen yet, the guys of Stream of Passion and I just announced that, after a few shows this year, we’ll be calling it quits.

This is seriously have been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make; we’ve been through so many wonderful things together, have had the pleasure of sharing tons of beautiful experiences. Some of the brightest, most joyful moments in my life I’ve experienced in this band.

However, it was time to take a good, long look into the future, and we’ve decided that the best for us is to go with a bang and move on. Before it becomes a burden; before we loose the drive and good energy that we’ve had so far. And we will have a proper goodbye, check out the tour section of the Stream of Passion website for a list of final shows we’ll be doing before quitting. I hope we see you there!

Please never forget how grateful we are for the moments we’ve had together, THANK YOU. You kept us going through good times and bad, you made it all happen! I will cherish what we’ve experienced with the band forever.

And please don’t forget to keep an eye on this site and on the rest of the guys. We’ll all continue to make music in some way or the other, and would love to continue having the honour of sharing it with you.

Lots of love,


10 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for all your beautifuL music, I am so happy I was lucky enough to see Stream Of Passion on stage in Marseille last December and to take a picture with you Dear Marcela. WIsh you all the best !

  2. I just am so sad to hear the news i have been so lucky to have seen you live in London and you were wonderful as is your music which i love. I wish you all the very best for future projects and will be at London show later in year.

  3. I’m gonna miss this band so much 🙁
    Thank you for all the great memories ❤

    I’ll follow every one of you, wherever the future will take you.

  4. I do consider myself a big fan of yours Marcela, I follow every single step that you take, since Hydra, Elfonia, Deleian (something like that) and now SOP. Now I am looking forward for your solo album. After all these years, finally I will see you live, I am planning to attend to your concert in Atlanta ( I will travel from Nebraska), and hopefully I will meet you….as que mi sueno sea una verdad. Keep on rocking!!!

  5. The war is lost… good luck you in a future. I hope one day I’ll find some kind of this magic like Stream of Passion. It was a best mix of voice, music, lyrics, chemistry… My favorite band ever! A piece of me is dead with this annoncement… Still can’t believe that itsn’t an April joke… what a shit…

  6. Triste noticia. Stream of Passion fue la banda sonora de momentos muy importantes en mi vida. Aún así, estoy segura que tus futuros proyectos van a ser tan o más bonitos. Así que adelante, te seguiré 🙂

  7. So saddened and shocked by the news. And I was so looking forward to the new SOP album you told me about when Gentle Storm played with Delain in Bristol, UK Marcela! Whatever you all do, “we will follow”! Best wishes for the future, see you in Bilston, October, 2016!!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope that after a year or so you guys realize can’t be apart from each other and start making again the best music in the world. Already waiting for the reunion. Toda la suerte del mundo para cada uno de ustedes: el major grupo del mundo.

  9. Rest assured I will not leave you
    until your world is mine.
    Come closer to me
    and let go.

  10. Marcela, Stream of Passion es una gran inspiración para mi. Me apena mucho la noticia, pero vibran en mi corazón sus canciones y tu voz. Adelante en los nuevos proyectos y futuro de todos los integrantes.

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