More melancholic chamber music coming your way!

Guys, I’m super excited because the release of my second solo album is approaching!

In case you’ve missed the news, it’s going to be called Through Your Eyes, and it will hopefully be out this fall.

(Photo by Emilie Garcin)


It’s an album inspired on 11 different topics, provided to me by 11 different people from all around the world.

I’m so honoured that they trusted me with their stories, their hopes and their dreams ??

You could wait for the album preorder to begin in a couple of months…

Or if you want to hear one of the new songs RIGHT NOW, get to know the stories behind the songs, and hang around with me and my online club then you can join my page and see it all coming together!

Take me to the Patreon club!

Lots of love,


P.S. Join before August 31 and I’ll put your name on my album credits!
P.S.2. Questions? Leave me a comment 🙂

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  1. No soy nada más que un modesto empleado de una gasolinera en Argentina. Los únicos remansos en la lucha diaria casi siempre los provee la música y la tuya tiene un lugar especial. Gracias simplemente por existir. Personas como vos hacen más bello este mundo

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