Last weekend I had the honor an privilege to perform at The Theater Equation, a theater adaptation of Ayreon‘s The Human Equation. Now, if you know my story then you know this album changed my life; it was because of this album and the great opportunity that Arjen Lucassen gave me to perform the role of Wife (thank you again, Arjen!!) that:

So this album means a lot, A WHOLE LOT to me. And to have the opportunity of presenting it at the beautiful Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, along with a top level cast of incredible singers and a world-class band, well… that was just a fairy tale coming to life!!

Theater is very special: working so closely with a group of people for a while creates an incredible bond. And I feel so blessed to have gotten to know and work with these incredible people. We had lots and lots of laughs, we worked hard and enjoyed every single minute of this experience.

Super duper big thanks to Yvette Boertje who made this all happen, and pushed through her limits to make of this production something I’m sure all of us (cast, band, choir, crew and audience) will remember fondly for the rest of our lives!

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  1. And for us fans it was super cool to see all of you at the same time on stage! And what a show it was. We (my wife and i) had a evening that we wil never forget. Thanks for that. And we wil see you again at the vera with the gentle storm.

  2. You seem to have married a wonderful, sweet man and I was totally blown away by the beauty and strength of your voice, Marcela. Look forward to hearing more of it in the future!

  3. De momento me conformo con escuchar el disco donde se puede apreciar tu voz. Confío en que el éxito obtenido consiga que The Theater Equation vuelva a la vida en un futuro no muy lejano y los astros se alineen para que pueda estar en Holanda para entonces. Gracias por la fotos!

  4. Desde México para el mundo.me siento muy orgulloso de que estes en el lugar que mereces y te has ganado por méritos propios, estaré al pendiente de todos tus proyectos… Eres una inspiración para mi….éxito hoy y siempre….

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