Help MaYaN record an album with a symphonic orchestra!

Hey guys!

As you may already know, I’ve joined the symphonic death metal band MaYaN as a permanent member for over half a year now. And well, the guys and gals and I have been working super hard on creating new material for the band’s third full length album!

We’re super excited about these songs, and we want to make them sound as amazing as possible! And for that we need YOUR HELP.

We have this dream, you see, of recording this album with a REAL SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. We believe it would really take the songs to a whole new level!

But recording with an orchestra is quite expensive, that’s why we’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to hopefully make that happen. Through this campaign, we’re offering some special items that won’t be available anywhere else! Including a whole EP of extra songs called “Undercurrent”.

So click here, visit our campaign and help us make this dream come true!


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