Marcela Bovio

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Chamber prog
They say that I’ve gone astray, they say no one will love me this way and that I shouldn’t hope someone will rescue me • I don’t know what to do… They swear to know what’s best for me, they say I should tear up my skin and let the anguish trickle through to bring me release • I don’t know what to do… Who let them in? I must have been asleep… Spies, saboteurs, mumbling madness in my ear • They’re gathering, plotting from within to discreate all I worked so hard to build • Who let you in?! Who’d believe your lies? Spies, saboteurs, adversaries in disguise; doubt and distress darkening my eyes • I want you gone! Compromised emotions depict a tale from long ago • With profound devotion I’ll clear this mess and repair the damage done.