Kid Harlequin

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Wrote and recorded vocals for the track “Hounds”.

we fell, we hit the ground;
for days we ran and stumbled
until our feet gave up.
Now we lay helpless and broken
under the pitch dark sky.

(Don’t let it drag you down)

The race is not over;
the hounds are quickly catching up,
and they will never rest
until we surrender.

I wish I could fade
away for a moment,
under the pitch dark sky,
and not be afraid
of what will happen next.

They’re getting closer,
there’s nowhere to go.
And it’s getting harder
to find a way out.
but don’t let it drag you down.

Let’s fade away,
if just for a moment,
under the pitch dark sky.
Don’t be afraid,
it will soon be over,
and we’ll be free.