Exciting times ahead!

Dear friends, You might have heard about it already (I’ve been throwing some hints at you for a while 🙂 ) but now it’s official: I’m going to be releasing my first solo album very soon! I’m incredibly excited to share this new music with you, a very different side of me and who I […]

Festival weekend with The Gentle Storm

Ah, what a great weekend I just had 🙂 I had the honor to join the The Gentle Storm gals and guys on stage for four amazing festivals. We started off at Masters of Rock, in the Czech Republic; I’d heard a lot about the festival but never played there myself, it was a great experience! The audience […]

I’m on Periscope!

So the lovely and talented Anneke van Giersbergen got me hooked on Periscope last week, so I’ve joined too 🙂 I’m going to be sharing some very special moments the last couple of days, so download the app and follow my account marcelabovio to be part of the fun! Get the app here: www.periscope.tv

Leprous – The Congregation

I’m such a big fan of the Norwegian progressive band Leprous! I pre-ordered their latest album, The Congregation, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I’m not a reviewer and I don’t pretend to be one, I just want to share with you some of the characteristics I love about this band and this album because I think if […]

Stream of Passion’s cover of Sonata Arctica’s “I have a right”

Last year the Stream of Passion guys and I were asked to collaborate in a Sonata Arctica tribute album, to be released by Ouergh Records. We liked the idea, and went searching for the perfect song! We ended up choosing “I have a right”, I’m very happy how everything turned out! We even made out a […]

On tour with The Gentle Storm

Last weekend we had the first couple of gigs with The Gentle Storm, and they were a blast! What an amazing bunch of people, not only incredibly talented but also tons of fun! Last Thursday we also performed with Stream of Passion as the support act. Luckily doing a double gig wasn’t as hard as […]

Computer Mind’s videoclip of “Divorce”

Check out Computer Mind‘s video clip of “Divorce”, starting yours truly and the very amazing Damian Wilson! Hands down, the most intense video clip experience of my life… If you like this, click here to support their Indiegogo campaign.

Join the newsletter!

Hi everyone! My site’s newsletter is up and running! I’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming up this year, so if you feel like being promptly updated about everything I’m doing just fill in the form below. Edit: your subscription has to be confirmed, so make sure to look in your spam folder if […]

Promo pictures by Tim Tronckoe

Every time we perform with Stream of Passion at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium we have the pleasure of working with the amazing Tim Tronckoe. Last year his photo sessions were focused on vocalists only, so I bring you here some of the results of that photoshoot!