My debut solo album: “Unprecedented”

Dear friends,
As you may know I’ve been working on my first solo album for quite a while now. I’ve had all kinds of setbacks and delays but I’m ecstatic to say that the album is finally done and ready to see the light! Check it out, this is going to be the cover (designed by my lovely sister Diana, based on a photo taken by the great Gema Perez)!

unprecedented cover

I’m so incredibly proud of this album! It’s helped me discover so many things about myself, and I’ve learned so much from putting it together.

I want to release the album on my own, but I need your help! I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, click here to check it out and read more about the details of the album, and watch the videoclip of the first single Found!.

With your help, I can give this album a proper release: invest in promotion and shows to really put it out there! What’s in it for you? Well, through this campaign you’ll have the chance to get your hands on the album before anyone else, and have access to some unique goodies that won’t be available elsewhere.

I’m very excited (and incredibly nervous, btw) about starting this campaign. I hope you like the song and video of the campaign and that, if you do, you feel like chipping in and/or sharing it with your friends; with your help I’m sure this album will be a huge success! Thank you in advance, consider yourself virtually hugged for just reading this message <3 <3

Lots of love,

The end is the beginning is the end

Dear friends,

As you may or may not have seen yet, the guys of Stream of Passion and I just announced that, after a few shows this year, we’ll be calling it quits.

This is seriously have been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make; we’ve been through so many wonderful things together, have had the pleasure of sharing tons of beautiful experiences. Some of the brightest, most joyful moments in my life I’ve experienced in this band.

However, it was time to take a good, long look into the future, and we’ve decided that the best for us is to go with a bang and move on. Before it becomes a burden; before we loose the drive and good energy that we’ve had so far. And we will have a proper goodbye, check out the tour section of the Stream of Passion website for a list of final shows we’ll be doing before quitting. I hope we see you there!

Please never forget how grateful we are for the moments we’ve had together, THANK YOU. You kept us going through good times and bad, you made it all happen! I will cherish what we’ve experienced with the band forever.

And please don’t forget to keep an eye on this site and on the rest of the guys. We’ll all continue to make music in some way or the other, and would love to continue having the honour of sharing it with you.

Lots of love,


Some new pictures

On my last visit to France with Stream of Passion I had the pleasure to meet up with the lovely Emilie Garcin, photographer extraordinaire! Not only did she make some nice shots of Stream of Passion live (check them out on her Facebook page!), but we also organized a little photo session in the backstage of the venue in Lyon. Here are some of my personal favorites! I hope you like them 🙂

2015 was awesome

Happy 2016, my friends! I hope this new year brings you lots of love, health and happiness!

2015 was an incredible year, I can’t believe I had the chance to do so many wonderful things: joining MayaN and Maiden uniteD on stage, performing with Karmaflow together with the Metropole Orchestra, doing several European gigs and festivals with The Gentle Storm, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Stream of Passion with some wonderful shows, performing at Ayreon‘s The Theater Equation next to an all star cast of singers, even having my very first solo show ever! And what I’m personally the most proud of: recording my first solo album. I know you guys are still waiting for it, I’m still working on some details and hope to bring you more news very soon! In the meantime, you can order the first album single Found! if you can’t wait to hear something 🙂

What will 2016 bring? Lots more surprises, gigs and new music! Can’t wait to put it all out there and share it with you all.

Thank you once again for your unconditional support! I really hope to see you all very soon on a stage near you 🙂



A souvenir from November 29

Christmas is almost here! Are you excited? I hope you all enjoy this holiday period, surrounded by family and friends! Don’t cut back on the love! Give hugs all around!

I’m looking back to a most awesome year. A gazillion wonderful things happened, but of the things I’m the most proud was giving my very first solo show ever, on November 29 in Tilburg. I played a lot of new songs, that I’d very much like to remain a mystery so I’m glad they didn’t land on YouTube! Thank you all who came to the show for keeping it that way 🙂

But I did find this: one of the Stream of Passion songs I played that night. Since it’s already there I thought I’d bring it to your attention, and I hope you like it!

Thanks to Rob Siegerist for the video!

And a very Merry Christmas to you all xx


An unforgettable evening

My friends, my heart is full of joy…


Yesterday I performed as a solo artist for the very first time ever: I had the pleasure of presenting the songs of my upcoming solo album at the beautiful Klasse Theatre in Tilburg. I have to admit, I was rather nervous! This was the first time most of these songs were heard by anyone, and I didn’t know what to expect: wether you were going to like them or think I’m completely nuts 🙂

I was happily surprised with the fact that so many people came to see the show even though the album hasn’t been released. The theatre was nice and full! What a dream come true for a first show!

I’ve received all kinds of wonderful comments and I want to deeply thank you for that. I’ve bared my soul completely during this show, and shared a lot of thoughts and ideas behind these songs; I’ve never dared do that before, and I’m glad I did.

Once again, to all of you wonderful people who were there: thank you so, SO much for taking your time to go see the show! For your warmth and support! And very special thanks to the Cassadó Quartet for joining me on this little adventure!

I definitely want to do this again. Don’t know how or when, but it will definitely happen! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 In the meantime, click here to check out the photos made by Sharik!



Tiny song teaser!

Oh man, this is so exciting! And a bit nerve breaking to be honest :), since it’s the first time I post a little preview of my upcoming solo album! Since it’s very different from all you know from me I’m really curious what you think. Here it is!

I hope you like it! And that you come see the show if you can! You can get your tickets here:


Looking back on The Theater Equation


Last weekend I had the honor an privilege to perform at The Theater Equation, a theater adaptation of Ayreon‘s The Human Equation. Now, if you know my story then you know this album changed my life; it was because of this album and the great opportunity that Arjen Lucassen gave me to perform the role of Wife (thank you again, Arjen!!) that:

  • Stream of Passion came to existence
  • I had the chance to tour through so many wonderful places
  • I met my wonderful husband
  • I ended up moving to Holland

So this album means a lot, A WHOLE LOT to me. And to have the opportunity of presenting it at the beautiful Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, along with a top level cast of incredible singers and a world-class band, well… that was just a fairy tale coming to life!!

Theater is very special: working so closely with a group of people for a while creates an incredible bond. And I feel so blessed to have gotten to know and work with these incredible people. We had lots and lots of laughs, we worked hard and enjoyed every single minute of this experience.

Super duper big thanks to Yvette Boertje who made this all happen, and pushed through her limits to make of this production something I’m sure all of us (cast, band, choir, crew and audience) will remember fondly for the rest of our lives!

Exciting times ahead!

Dear friends,
You might have heard about it already (I’ve been throwing some hints at you for a while 🙂 ) but now it’s official: I’m going to be releasing my first solo album very soon! I’m incredibly excited to share this new music with you, a very different side of me and who I am.

I’m still working out the details as to how and when, you will be an important part of this release. But for now I’m extremely happy to tell you that I will be playing my new material live for the first time ever upcoming November 29, at the Klasse Theater in Tilburg:


I’d love to see you all there, it will be a magical evening! You can book your tickets from the following website:

Now I’m off to enjoy the Mexican sun one more day, but I’ll be revealing a lot more very soon! Stay tuned!

Lots of love,