My friends, my heart is full of joy…


Yesterday I performed as a solo artist for the very first time ever: I had the pleasure of presenting the songs of my upcoming solo album at the beautiful Klasse Theatre in Tilburg. I have to admit, I was rather nervous! This was the first time most of these songs were heard by anyone, and I didn’t know what to expect: wether you were going to like them or think I’m completely nuts 🙂

I was happily surprised with the fact that so many people came to see the show even though the album hasn’t been released. The theatre was nice and full! What a dream come true for a first show!

I’ve received all kinds of wonderful comments and I want to deeply thank you for that. I’ve bared my soul completely during this show, and shared a lot of thoughts and ideas behind these songs; I’ve never dared do that before, and I’m glad I did.

Once again, to all of you wonderful people who were there: thank you so, SO much for taking your time to go see the show! For your warmth and support! And very special thanks to the Cassadó Quartet for joining me on this little adventure!

I definitely want to do this again. Don’t know how or when, but it will definitely happen! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 In the meantime, click here to check out the photos made by Sharik!



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