Happy 2016, my friends! I hope this new year brings you lots of love, health and happiness!

2015 was an incredible year, I can’t believe I had the chance to do so many wonderful things: joining MayaN and Maiden uniteD on stage, performing with Karmaflow together with the Metropole Orchestra, doing several European gigs and festivals with The Gentle Storm, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Stream of Passion with some wonderful shows, performing at Ayreon‘s The Theater Equation next to an all star cast of singers, even having my very first solo show ever! And what I’m personally the most proud of: recording my first solo album. I know you guys are still waiting for it, I’m still working on some details and hope to bring you more news very soon! In the meantime, you can order the first album single Found! if you can’t wait to hear something 🙂

What will 2016 bring? Lots more surprises, gigs and new music! Can’t wait to put it all out there and share it with you all.

Thank you once again for your unconditional support! I really hope to see you all very soon on a stage near you 🙂



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