I want to write a song about you! Or a theme you choose :)

EDIT: submissions are now closed, thanks for your submissions!

As you may know, last year I held a crowdfunding campaign to support the release of my very first solo album “Unprecedented“. The campaign was a huge success, and I got to do a lot of really fun things with all of the wonderful people who joined; like for instance, having tea or cooking Mexican dinners 🙂

One of the perks available was a Unique song. The idea was that the person who chose the perk would pick a theme, and I would write a song for them based on it. The idea was a big hit, as I ended up writing nine (9!) songs for some very sweet people!

When I first came up with this perk idea I thought “this is going to be interesting!”. And as I worked on the tracks I realised they were becoming something really special; I fell in love with the songs, I think they’re among the nicest things I’ve ever written! It was so inspiring to share this process with my backers, to forget all the messiness in my own head and focus on their stories and feelings.

I am so happy with the results that, after discussing it with the people in question, I’m planning on releasing these songs in a new solo album. I don’t want to make any decisions about the specifics now, but the album with be most probably acoustic and in the same vein as Unprecedented.

And here is where YOU come in. Since writing like this has been such a beautiful adventure and I don’t want it to end I’ve decided I’m going to write two more tracks this way, meaning I need two more themes to write about! So I’ve started a little contest, to give YOU the chance of coming up with one of the themes of the songs!

How? Simple! Just fill in the form on this page by June 22; I will choose two random winners among the submissions and contact them via e-mail to discuss their topics and write a song about it. If you have subscribed to my mailing list, I will print your name submission twice, so you’ll have an extra chance of winning 🙂


I’m looking forward to writing some more lovely songs together with you!

Lots of love,



  • The song will be written by yours truly, on piano and vocals
  • Anyone can enter, except the people who I already wrote a song for (hope you don’t mind, guys ;))
  • I reserve the right to remove any entries containing offensive topics
  • I remain full owner of the songs, meaning I keep all the rights
  • Should the collaboration with a winner go terribly wrong (I hope not!), I reserve the right not to include the song in the album

I’m leaving VUUR

With pain in my heart I regret to inform you that I have decided to leave VUUR. The past few months I’ve been working with Anneke the rest of the guys on what will be the band’s debut album, but it wasn’t until last week when we started the vocal recordings that Anneke and I realised that we both wanted to take very different directions when it came to the sound and approach of the vocals.

We looked for a way to make it work, a possible compromise perhaps; but the thought that one of us wouldn’t be entirely happy with the end result was unbearable. We’re afraid that we will regret this in the future and that it somehow will hurt our friendship; we respect each other too much to let that happen.

I’m truly devastated, because I’m a huge fan of Anneke and every single member of the band; they’re all incredibly sweet people, as well as top notch musicians. Plus, the songs are so fantastic… this is going to be a revolutionary album! But I have to follow my heart and choose for what I think in the future will bring me (and the rest of the band) happiness, no matter how hard it feels right now.
Anneke, Fer, Jord, Johan and Ed: you guys are THE BEST. I’d wish you luck but you don’t need it, you are going to ROCK this world ❤

Unprecedented on piano and vocals

Guess what, “Unprecedented” is back with a vengeance!

Release date: January 24, 2017

As you may know, this year I performed a few shows with my friend and pianist extraordinaire Erik van Ittersum. He made gorgeous, beautiful, amazing piano arrangements of the Unprecedented tracks and we did a few shows together in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

It all went so well and we had such a great time that it felt like a shame to leave it at that. So last week we went into the studio and recorded THE WHOLE THING. FOURTEEN tracks in one day!

That’s the whole Unprecedented album, PLUS four bonus tracks. I’m soooo excited about this recording; it was so spontaneous, yet truly magical.

Preorder the album

I plan on releasing this CD on January 24, 2017. It’s already available for pre-order, tho. Check out more information and the album tracklist at my webshop:

Ahhh, the joy of making music! Thanks again for your support, without it I wouldn’t be able to do all these wonderful things <3 <3


Solo live dates announced

Veeery excited to inform you I will be performing some more live shows this year. List as follows:

November 6 – Yasmine Park Music, Paradox, Tilburg (NL) Facebook event
November 10 – Roxy, Flensburg (DE)* Facebook event
November 11 – Logo, Hamburg (DE)* Facebook event
November 12 – Atak, Enschede (NL)* http://bit.ly/2dgwSBT
November 13 – Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL)* http://bit.ly/2dtBe7t
November 17 – Spirit of 66 Verviers (BE)* http://bit.ly/2cXXyoQ
November 24 – Peeriscoop, Gorinchem (NL) (with string quartet) http://bit.ly/2cDK5H2
* Supporting Maiden uniteD

Also very happy to share with you that for all these shows (except Nov 24) I will be joined on stage by the very talented Erik van Ittersum (Kingfisher Sky, The Theater Equation)! Erik’s made incredibly beautiful piano versions of the songs, which I’m very excited about. It’s a completely different show, so be sure to catch it too 🙂 🙂

More info at the shows section of this website.

Thank you!!!


After two super exciting months the crowdfunding campaign for my debut solo album has come to an end. And I just don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I feel for the amazing result: 448% of the original goal! #ohmygod! 🙂

These are the names of the people who made this possible. To you, dear backers, goes my eternal gratitude!!

Aart Jan W. Teunissen, Adrian Kummerländer, Adrian Love, Adriana Vazquez Robles, Alan Capinpin, Alanna Verey, Alberto Ceciliano Vega, Alberto Garcia, Alejandro Suarez, Alessandro Lanna, Alessio Sagheddu, Alex Baxter, Alex Lyakh, Alexander Salguero, Alexander Vitshas, Alexandre Collard, Alice Junier, Alicia Alejandra Aguirre Chapa, Amy Hightower, András Munkácsi, Andrea Garces, Andreas Erle, Andreas Friedel, Andreas Pelz, Andreas Veskoukis, Andreas Witte, Andrew Broxham, Andrew Butcher, Andrew Easby, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Rock, Andy Mees, Angélique Gistelynck, Ankur Sharma, Anna Baskaeva, Anthony Cobb, Anthony Da Costa Machado, Anthony Serafino III, Antoine Boulay, Arcady Chumachenko, Ardjan Besse, Arjan Hup, Arne van der Ben, Arnold Metselaar, Avner Ferreira Soto, Axel Vis, Bartosz Miketa, Bas van de Haterd, Benjamin Claassen, Benjamin Juarez, Benoît Dutot, Bernabé Thomas, Bertrand Hebert, beyond.the.indigo, Bob, Boudewijn Bonebakker, Bradley Crombie, Bradley Mcarthur, Brett McCoy, Brian Coulthard, Bruno Boullenger, Byron Morales, Camart Grégory, Carlos Pacheco, Carlos Villacreces Vázquez, Carmelo Migliaccio, Caroline Couzinie, Cécile Decurey, Céline Waucheul, Charles J Ogilvie, Charlotte Wessels, Chiara Allasia, Chip Moody, Chris Nicchi, Christian Antonio Castorena Varela, Christian Schild, Christian Timm, Christopher Cotmore, Chutolc, Claudio Mezzasalma, Colin Pollard, Curt J Thomas, Cynthia Caton, Czariney, Dafne Fierro, Dale Gantz, Damien Ferrand, Damien Ielsch, danae_count, Daniel Weis, Daniele Ghezzi, Dany Wilquin, Dave Brecht, Dave Zdybowicz, David Honsberger, David Jost, David Remely, David Sarah, David Workman, Debbie Levitt, Delzenne Dominique, Dennis Delgado, Diana Elizabeth Báez González, Diego Alberto Beltran Quintana, Dirk Wouters, doomsdaycomedy, Dorinke van der Zaag, Dylan Gibson, Ed van Viegen, Edwin Beens, Eero Päivärinta, Ekaterina Emelina, Elia Tufarolo, Eline Huls, Elisa Iaffaldano, Elizabeth Canziani, Ellen Kruger, Elsa Thouvenot, Emeric Grangette, Emilie Alaux, Emilie Garcin, Emilie McConville, Emma Houlton, Emma Wright, Eric Boeree, Eric Eijgelaar, Eric Hazebroek, Eric Saari, Erik Boode, Erik Reemers, Erik Schepers, Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng, Eva Cecilia Espino Nava, Evan Dungen, Evelyne Chabert, Evgeny Galperin, Fabian Barrios Acosta, Fabian Gonzalez Mendez, Fabio Rancati, Fabrice Timmermans, farbodkhalafi, Felipe Wilson, Ferdinand Gianotti, Fernando Miguel dos Santos Pires, Flemming Møller, Florian Fraisse, Fragoulis Sideris, Frances O’Hara, Francisco Gabriel Lirola Vélez, Francisco González Cerezo, Frank Reding, Frank Schiphorst, Frédéric Dubois, Frode Marthinussen, Gabriel Veiga, Garrett Kramnick, Gauthier Moindrot, George Chatzidakis, Gerard Wiersma, Giampaolo Demontis, Gisele Batista Silva, Giulio Calore, Glasset Frédéric, Glen Diefenbach, Gloria Rocío Giménez Gamarra, Göran Bergström, Goujon, Graham Jordan, Grégory Lécrivain, Guillermo García Malo, Gülce Çelen, Guy Kapteijns, Hans Thesing, Harko Dekker, Hartmut Thordsen, Heather Fries, Hector Mattamala Aravena, Henk Honing, Henk Westerik, Henk Winterboer, Hookham Keith, Huib Verheijden, Hylke Witjens, Ian Clarkson, Ian Sutherland, Ignazio di Salvo, Igor Castaneda Ferreira, Isabel Cortina, Jac Verhoeven, Jack Williams, Jade Anahí Alejo Solís, Jaime Aromin, Jan Ensing, Javier Fernandez, Jean-Christophe Le Brun, Jean-Yves Tizon, Jeffrey Bucholz, Jennifer Loomis, Jeremy Suttie, Jeroen Custers, Jettro Coenradie, Jim Gillooly, Jim Wilkinson, Joachim de Koning, JoAnne Taylor, Joe Petrafassi, Joel Blaise, Joëlla van Geloven – Berendse, Johan van Stratum, Johanna Rozkrut, John Aston, John Hughes, John Maloney, John Petrellis, John Rijnbout, John Winterbottom, Jordi Gol Montouto, Jorge Esteban Torres, Jorge Villalobos, Jorrit van Bennekom, Jose A. Lebron, Joselyn Lago, Joseph Gagne, Juan Aaron Hernández Rodríguez, Juan Fernandez, Juan Sanchez, Julia Kisiel, Julian Wheeler, Karen Ceja Trejo, Karina Báez Ortiz, Kassandra Novell, Kathleen Okimura, Katrina Bleckley, Kazunao Yamada, Keith McCarney, Kervin Martínez Dockendorf, Kevin Jackisch, Kevin Sheppard, Kim Bottas, Kimberly O’Conor, Kira Vlasenko, Klára Šestáková, Kostas Bragkatzis, Kristopher Warren, Lara Severens, Laurali Failla, Lauren Emily Bersek, Laurent Schleck, Leandro Meireles Braga, Leena litmanen, Lemercier Rodolphe, Leonardi Laura, Leonardo Vergara Portas, Leszek Szczepanski, Liam Barrett, Lisa Marie Wirries, Lisette, Liz Fisch, Luc Rivard, Luca Parmeggiani, Lynda Dumeix, Maddie Davidson, Maly Reyes, Manuel I. Bueno, Marc Gielissen, Marc Pittaluga, Marcel Bollmann, Marcel Schot, Marco Molin, Marek Przewozny, Margarita Saguilan Garcia, Maria Eleni Kloutsou, Maria Faridee Cruz García, Marie Bougon, Mario Ramirez V., Marisa Mann, Mark Harwood, Mark Williams, Mark-Jan van Rijn, Marta Coscujuela, Martin Boisvert, Martin Tröstl, Martti Remmelgas, Mathias Baumgärtner, Matt Johnson, Matt Mason, Matthew Wirth, Matthias Berwein, Matthieu Aulagnon, Maurice de la Rie, Mauro Lumia, Maxi Boulougari, Mervi Lampinen, Mic Fowkes, Michael Breedijk, Michael Hodder, Michael Krauss, Michael Watling, Michelle Baumer, Mick Birchall, Mike Hageman, Mike Luban, Mike Mills, Milly Figaroa, Mirco Marinelli, Miriam Cadoni, Mónica Astrid Estrada Rodrígueez, Morganne Luse, Moudy Fayed, naiadmystery, Naoyuki Kikuchi, Neil Wood, Nicki Süß, Nico Stad, Nicola Galiani, Nikolai Tchernitchin, Olivier Boutiere, Olivier Gerard, Omar Alejandro Salazar Guzmán, Omar Cabrera, Oscar Quintero, Pascale Dumont, Patricia Brown, Patricio Bustamante, Patrick Beyersbergen van Henegouwen, Paul du Maine, Paul Herrmann, Paul Simons, Paul Smith, Paulien Hagedoorn, Paulina Saavedra, Pawel Boroszko, Pedro Macedo, Périat Christophe, Perroux Aurore, Pete Yendle, Peter Klören, Peter Moon, Peter Shoemaker, Peter Takács, Peter Timmerman, Petr Kadlec, Petro Kazmirchuk, Pfaadt Yannick, Phil Vossen, Philippe W., Philippe W. Naud, Pierre Moreau, Pierre Seeuws, Pieter van Dorp, Pietro Frugoni, pimst, pmb13, Pouchèle Bruno, Radek Plch, Rafael Casadei, Rainer Kerber, Raul Bravo B., Rebecca Morgan, Remco Opdenkamp, Rémi Vuillermoz, René Camplair, Richard Ellington, Richard Hartwig, Rick Koggel, Rik Verstraete, Rob Bakker, Rob Martens, Rob Siegerist, Robert Gardner Jr, Robert Kloosterhuis, Robert William Edward Allen, Roberto Bovio, Roberto Castillo Acevedo, Roberto Hinojosa Leroux, Roberto Martinez, Roberto Ruiz Vicentello, Robin Smith, Rodrigo Tenorio, Roeland van den Akker, Roland Leicht, Ronald Plukker, Ronald van den Brink, Ronald van Selm, Roy Waterman, Rufus Grant, Rulz, Russ Johnson, Ruth Jochems, Ruud Franken, Sardjana Soegijarto, Scott Frisbie, Sebastian Arana Garza, Sergey Gerashchenko, Sergio Ignacio Godoy González, Sharik Derksen, Sharon Willems, Shaun Crocker, Shehaly Salgado Rodriguez, Shinichi Yasugi, Shona Bird, Shondolyn Gibson, Siân Mackie, Silvano Iorizzo, Simon Furness, Simon Kneller, Simon Timms, Simone A Fabiano, Sivan Entelis, Sjoerd Korving, sletourneau2007, Solonix, Sonia Mezquita, Sorin Iszlai, Stefan van Bennekum, Stefano Ceresa, Stefano Palmas, Steiver Patrick, Stéphane Aguilera, Stephane Godest, Steven Hurowitz, Steven Michael Thompson, Sylvain Mathey, Sylvia Bergwerff, Takashi Oguchi, Tarcísio Rosa, Tazdin Amietszajew, Telmo Jose Pereira Dias, Thomas Becker, Thomas J Bouton, Tijn Faas, Timmermans Hugues, Timothy Jacobson, Tina Jensen, To Tuan Khanh David, Tom Livermore, Tom McCudden, Tomas Siegl, Ton van Lint, Trevor Chanai Hicken, Trevor Warren, Valeria De Natale, Valerie Van Hul, Valerio Recenti, Veronica Annalisa Ferrucci, Victor A Finger, Victoria Martinez, Vikram Wintersun, Vincent Angelicchio, Vincent Chan, Vincent Pera, Vivien Scalbert, Waleska Andrea Alarcón Pérez, Warren Hulme, Wil Holland, Wiljo Mertens, Will Russell, Will Russell, William Fugere, William Grabowski, Wim van Ginkel, Wolter Taekema, Wouter Hendrickx, Wouter van Aken, Xavier Altamirano, Yadira Guillén Hidalgo, Yakov Barak, Yúbal Fernández Moreno, Yuka Noguchi, Yutaka Minohara

My debut solo album: “Unprecedented”

Dear friends,
As you may know I’ve been working on my first solo album for quite a while now. I’ve had all kinds of setbacks and delays but I’m ecstatic to say that the album is finally done and ready to see the light! Check it out, this is going to be the cover (designed by my lovely sister Diana, based on a photo taken by the great Gema Perez)!

unprecedented cover

I’m so incredibly proud of this album! It’s helped me discover so many things about myself, and I’ve learned so much from putting it together.

I want to release the album on my own, but I need your help! I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, click here to check it out and read more about the details of the album, and watch the videoclip of the first single Found!.

With your help, I can give this album a proper release: invest in promotion and shows to really put it out there! What’s in it for you? Well, through this campaign you’ll have the chance to get your hands on the album before anyone else, and have access to some unique goodies that won’t be available elsewhere.

I’m very excited (and incredibly nervous, btw) about starting this campaign. I hope you like the song and video of the campaign and that, if you do, you feel like chipping in and/or sharing it with your friends; with your help I’m sure this album will be a huge success! Thank you in advance, consider yourself virtually hugged for just reading this message <3 <3

Lots of love,

The end is the beginning is the end

Dear friends,

As you may or may not have seen yet, the guys of Stream of Passion and I just announced that, after a few shows this year, we’ll be calling it quits.

This is seriously have been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make; we’ve been through so many wonderful things together, have had the pleasure of sharing tons of beautiful experiences. Some of the brightest, most joyful moments in my life I’ve experienced in this band.

However, it was time to take a good, long look into the future, and we’ve decided that the best for us is to go with a bang and move on. Before it becomes a burden; before we loose the drive and good energy that we’ve had so far. And we will have a proper goodbye, check out the tour section of the Stream of Passion website for a list of final shows we’ll be doing before quitting. I hope we see you there!

Please never forget how grateful we are for the moments we’ve had together, THANK YOU. You kept us going through good times and bad, you made it all happen! I will cherish what we’ve experienced with the band forever.

And please don’t forget to keep an eye on this site and on the rest of the guys. We’ll all continue to make music in some way or the other, and would love to continue having the honour of sharing it with you.

Lots of love,