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Marcela playing the violin Marcela Bovio was born on October 17th, 1979 in Monterrey, Mexico. A city up the northeast of the country. She has been living there ever since. Her childhood was normal; school, games and lots of candy ;)

Her musical career began, when her godfather recommended Marcela and her sister (Diana) to enroll both of them in a musical academy, when they were quite young. So, from that point, she was always surrounded by music and became really interested in singing and performing.

Her first performing experience was probably in music school, during one of those student performances. What is for sure, is that she was part of her elementary school's choir. She did a christmas concert once "I was very excited about it", as Marcela said.

In her teens she started taking violin and classical singing lessons, and became interested in alternative rock, progressive rock and metal. "I've always loved melancholic music, so I was very inspired by gothic and doom bands. Later on I became interested in jazz, post rock, world music, and began taking jazz harmony lessons. Nowadays I try to keep my ears open to absorb as many musical influences as I can."

When she was 17 she started playing coversongs with friends. But she wasn't the band's vocalist at that time. She was the band's bassplayer! Soon, the band heard her voice and wanted Marcela to be singing lead vocals.

Marcela plays violin and a bit of concert flute. If she has to, she also knows how to play the guitar and piano a little. Marcela: "My favorite is the violin, even though I’m not a very skilled violinist. I just love this instrument’s sound."

Marcela participated in several recordings, she co-created 2 wonderfull bands (Elfonía and Stream of Passion) with which she written and released 3 albums. She already crossed the ocean several times to meet and work with "amazingly talented musicians", as Marcela told us. She already toured across her country Mexico and she toured all around Europe with the band Stream of Passion. She also had the opportunity to appear in two zarzuelas in her hometown Monterrey, which she calls "a marvelous experience".

When we ask her if she likes touring or not, she immediately responds with: "Definitely! Playing live is one of the real treats of being a musician. Not only you can share a wonderful moment with the audience, you're also able to communicate with your fellow musicians in a way that's completely unbeatable." Well, I think that answer is clear!

She has played with a lot of different musicians. Some of them are famous (Arjen Lucassen for example) and some of them are not. But all of her musical friends are extremely talented.

Short Facts:
Main influences: Progressive rock, atmospheric rock, gothic, post rock, jazz
Favorite bands: The 3rd and the Mortal, Dead can Dance, Rush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Ayreon, Godspeed you black emperor!, Mogwai, Muse, Interpol, Gateway
Favorite musicians: Ann-Mari Edvardsen, Sarah Vaughan, Cassandra Wilson, Kathleen Battle, Lisa Gerrard, Kate Bush, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Dave Holland, Richard Bona
Favorite movies: Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Mallrats, Waking Life
Favorite books: The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Divine Comedy, Gustavo Adolfo Becker's Rhymes and Legends, The Tin Drum
Sports: Soccer (watching, not playing, hehe)
Favorite food: Pasta, pizza, chocolate and possibly every other kind of junk food there is
Favorite drinks: Water, wine, beer
Dislikes: Traffic jams; small, noisy dogs
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, listening to music, surfing the net

One last personal note to all her fans, visiting her site: "Live life to the fullest and never hesitate to go after your dreams. It really pays off! :)"