I’m very happy to tell you I’ve officially become a member of MaYaN! We’ve had a lot of gigs together for the past couple of years, and it’s always been a blast! Looking forward to more fun adventures with this awesome group of people!

With pain in my heart I regret to inform you that I have decided to leave VUUR. The past few months I’ve been working with Anneke the rest of the guys on what will be the band’s debut album, but it wasn’t until last week when we started the vocal recordings that Anneke and I realised […]

Guess what, “Unprecedented” is back with a vengeance! Release date: January 24, 2017 As you may know, this year I performed a few shows with my friend and pianist extraordinaire Erik van Ittersum. He made gorgeous, beautiful, amazing piano arrangements of the Unprecedented tracks and we did a few shows together in Holland, Germany and […]

Veeery excited to inform you I will be performing some more live shows this year. List as follows: November 6 – Yasmine Park Music, Paradox, Tilburg (NL) Facebook event November 10 – Roxy, Flensburg (DE)* Facebook event November 11 – Logo, Hamburg (DE)* Facebook event November 12 – Atak, Enschede (NL)* http://bit.ly/2dgwSBT November 13 – Gigant, […]

After two super exciting months the crowdfunding campaign for my debut solo album has come to an end. And I just don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I feel for the amazing result: 448% of the original goal! #ohmygod! 🙂 These are the names of the people who made this possible. To you, dear […]

On my last visit to France with Stream of Passion I had the pleasure to meet up with the lovely Emilie Garcin, photographer extraordinaire! Not only did she make some nice shots of Stream of Passion live (check them out on her Facebook page!), but we also organized a little photo session in the backstage of the venue […]